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Who is Kelly?

“I am a proud mom, wife, business leader, and community builder. My motto for the past 25 years has been, ‘If not now, then when? If not me, then who?’. I chose to run for this seat because I want to represent ALL of Leon County. I’ve called Leon County my home since 1996 and everyday since, I have devoted my life, professional and personal, to serving the people of this county. There are no words to accurately describe how excited I am for the opportunity to take a bigger role in our wonderful community. I am running to build a community that works for everyone. I envision a Leon county Community that is truly inclusive, thrives on locally and minority owned business and a community that supports smart economic growth by investing in our community members who need it most, first.”

Kelly’s Leon County Looks Like

Thriving locally owned businesses and supportive of entrepreneurship

A community that works for all regardless of age, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, economic standing, etc.

A community safe and fun regardless if you are 8, 28, 48, 68, or 88. This is your home.



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Primary Election Day